AMA CPT® Assistant - 2008 Issue 11 (November)

Pulmonary Procedures-Code 94720 vs. Code 94725 (November 2008)

November 2008 pages 5-6 Coding Clarification:Pulmonary Procedures-Code 94720 vs. Code 94725 This article will attempt to explain when it is appropriate to report CPT code 94720, Carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (eg, single breath, steady state), and when is it appropriate to report code 94725, Membrane diffusion capacity. The Medicine/Pulmonary/Other Procedures subsection of the 2008 CPT codebook encompass codes 94010-94799, which include pulmonary laboratory procedures and interpretation of test results. Standard batteries of pulmonary function tests include various combinations of individual tests, such as spirometry, flow-volume loop, lung volume(s), diffusion capacity (DLCO), and airway resistance. A simple pulmonary function test...

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