AMA CPT® Assistant - 1998 Issue 5 (May)

Radiology, 76818, 59025 (Q&A) (May 1998)

May 1998 page 10 Coding Consultation Radiology, 76818, 59025 (Q&A) Question What is included in a fetal biophysical profile, code 76818? AMA Comment A fetal biophysical profile, code 76818, is performed to assess the physiologic status of the fetus and includes five variables: 1) fetal trunk and extremity movement; 2) fetal tone; 3) fetal breathing movement; 4) amniotic fluid volume; and 5) the fetal nonstress test. In order to report code 76818, these five variables must be performed. Since fetal nonstress test is included in code 76818, code 59025, Fetal nonstress test, should not be reported separately. Radiology...

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