AMA CPT® Assistant - 2007 Issue 9 (September)

Radiology: Diagnostic Ultrasound (September 2007)

September 2007 page 10d Coding Communication:Radiology: Diagnostic Ultrasound Question The guidelines for nonobstetrical ultrasound state that the use of ultrasound without thorough evaluation of organ(s) or anatomic region, image documentation, and final, written report is not separately reportable. When reporting code 76857, Ultrasound, pelvic (nonobstetric), real time with image documentation; limited or follow-up (eg, for follicles), does image documentation mean that a photograph of the adnexa was taken and stored for every follicle or for every ultrasound? What does image documentation consist of? AMA Comment Image documentation means that permanently archived images of the exam need to be obtained...

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