AMA CPT® Assistant - 2001 Issue 1 (January)

Radiology (January 2001)

January 2001 page 14 Coding Consultation Radiology, 75630, 75625, 75710, 75716, 36245-36259 (Q&A) Question How do you distinguish lower extremity vascular access selective versus nonselective with abdominal autogram and lower extremity angiographies? When is it appropriate to code 75630 versus 75625 and 75710, or 75625 and 75716? If the catheter access is left femoral artery (LFA), it is advanced to aorta, then select ively right plus iliac artery and left plus ileofemoral artery. Can 36245-36259 be coded left plus ileofemoral artery and 36246 for right plus ileofemoral artery? AMA Comment In the case where continuous examinations of the...

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