AMA CPT® Assistant - 2011 Issue 2 (February)

Radiology: Nuclear Medicine (Q&A) (February 2011)

February 2011 page 9a Radiology: Nuclear Medicine Question: If myocardial perfusion is performed at rest on one day and then with stress on the next day, is code 78451 reported once for each day or is code 78452 reported once for both days? Answer: Code 78452, Myocardial perfusion imaging, tomographic (SPECT) (including attenuation correction, qualitative or quantitative wall motion, ejection fraction by first pass or gated technique, additional quantification, when performed); multiple studies, at rest and/or stress (exercise or pharmacologic) and/or redistribution and/or rest reinjection, is reported when the exam is performed for multiple studies of stress, rest and/or...

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