AMA CPT® Assistant - 2012 Issue 1 (January)

Skin Replacement Surgery (January 2012)

January 2012 pages 6-10 Skin Replacement Surgery For CPT 2012, comprehensive changes were made to the Skin Replacement Surgery subsection of the Integumentary System codes (15002-15278). This article discusses these changes, which include six revised codes, twenty-four deleted codes, eight new codes, a new subheading, and new definitions and guidelines to clarify the appropriate use of these codes. The subheadings categorize the new codes by Surgical Preparation, Autografts/Tissue Cultured Autograft, and Skin Substitute Grafts. Deleted Codes Twenty-four skin substitute codes were deleted, including the subheadings Allograft/Tissue Cultured Allogeneic Skin Substitute, Acellular Dermal Replacement, and Xenograft, along with the introductory...

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