AMA CPT® Assistant - 1993 Issue 2 (February)

Strabismus Surgery - (Surgery on Ocular Adnexa - Extraocular Muscles) (Summer 1993)

Summer 1993 pages 20-24 Coding Clarification Strabismus Surgery - (Surgery on Ocular Adnexa - Extraocular Muscles) We continue to receive requests to explain the dramatic changes that occurred to the strabismus surgery codes in 1991. To assist the reader in reporting these codes correctly, this article will discuss the use of the codes in the 67311-67345 range. A glossary of terms related to this surgery begins on page 25. Strabismus surgery is an operation of the extraocular muscles. This surgery is performed to realign the eyes so that they are both aimed in the same direction. The correction of...

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