AMA CPT® Assistant - 2011 Issue 9 (September)

Subtalar Arthroereisis (Q & A) (September 2011)

Septempber 2011 page 11b Subtalar Arthroereisis Question: What is the correct code to report for a subtalar arthroereisis procedure that includes insertion of a subtalar joint implant? Is it correct to report the procedure as a subtalar arthrodesis procedure (28725), a reduced service subtalar arthrodesis procedure (28725-52), or an open treatment of talotarsal joint dislocation (28585)? Answer: There currently is no CPT code that specifically and accurately describes a subtalar arthroereisis procedure. This procedure typically involves making an incision over the sinus tarsi and inserting an implant to reposition and stabilize the rearfoot, resulting in a decrease in pronatory...

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