AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 1 (January)

Surgery Cardiovascular System (January 2000)

January 2000 page 10b Coding Consultation Cardiovascular System, Surgery, 93536, 33968 (Q&A) Question How do you code for percutaneous insertion and removal of an intra-aortic balloon assist device in the postoperative period of coronary artery bypass graft procedure(s)? AMA Comment Code 93536-79 and 33968-79 should be reported for the insertion and removal of an intra-aortic balloon assist device. Because an IABP insertion/removal is not an integral component of a CABG, some extenuating circumstance must precipitate the need for this device, warranting additional reporting. Physician Medicine and RehabilitationConstant Attendance Question We have recently begun using the AquaMed device, which...

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