AMA CPT® Assistant - 2007 Issue 11 (November)

Surgery: Cardiovascular System (November 2007)

November 2007 page 8b Coding Communication:Surgery: Cardiovascular System Question: How is completion angiography reported when performed during noncoronary bypass procedures? Answer: Completion angiography at the time of a peripheral vessel bypass (eg, 35510, 35512, 35522, 35525, 35556, 35566, 35571, 35583, 35585, 35587, 35656, 35666) is considered inherent in assessing technical adequacy of the revascularization and is not additionally reportable. Postprocedure angiography (at a session other than the surgery) to evaluate a potential complication is separately reportable. Use of modifier 59, Distinct procedural service, and the appropriate ICD-9-CM diagnosis code would be required to reflect this circumstance when the second...

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