AMA CPT® Assistant - 2001 Issue 8 (August)

Surgery Digestive System (August 2001)

August 2001 page 10 Coding Consultation Digestive System, Surgery, 49323, 49060-49062 (Q&A) Question Code 49323 identifies performance of a laparoscopic drainage of a lymphocele to the peritoneal cavity. My physician performs this service as an open procedure. The parenthetic note beneath this code references use of code 49060, Drainage of retroperitoneal abscess; open, or 49061, Drainage of retroperitoneal abscess; percutaneous for open or percutaneous performance of this procedure. It seems that code 49062, Drainage of extraperitoneal lymphocele to peritoneal cavity, open, is more appropriate, since this code specifically identifies drainage of a lymphocele. Should code 49060 be used...

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