AMA CPT® Assistant - 2009 Issue 12 (December)

Surgery: Digestive System (December 2009)

December 2009 page 11b Bonus Feature:Surgery: Digestive System Question: When performing an open repair of a parastomal hernia, colostomy is freed and mobilized, but not revised or moved to a different site. Is it necessary to append Modifier 52 in order to report code 44346? Carolyn M. Roberts, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CPC-I Answer: No. It is not necessary to append the reduced services Modifier 52 to report code 44346, Revision of colostomy; with repair of paracolostomy hernia (separate procedure), as "freeing and mobilization" of the colostomy stoma is inherent in parastomal hernia repair. Surgery: Digestive System (December 2009). CPT®...

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