AMA CPT® Assistant - 2001 Issue 3 (March)

Surgery Digestive System (March 2001)

March 2001 page 10a Coding Consultation Digestive System, Surgery, 49000, 38562 (Q&A) Question When exploratory laparotomy and limited pelvic lymphadenectomy for staging are performed during the same operative session, can codes 49000, Exploratory laparotomy, exploratory celiotomy with or without biopsy(s) (separate procedure), and 38562, Limited lymphadenectomy for staging (separate procedure); pelvic and para-aortic, be reported together? AMA Comment From a CPT coding perspective, if a limited pelvic lymphadenectomy for staging is performed at the same operative session as an exploratory laparotomy, then the laparotomy becomes the operative approach for the lymphadenectomy procedure. In this instance, code 38562 would...

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