AMA CPT® Assistant - 2010 Issue 3 (March)

Surgery: Digestive System (Q&A) (March 2010)

March 2010 page 10-end Surgery: Digestive System (Q&A) Question: Should code 43246, 49452, or the unlisted code 43999 be reported for the following procedure? A patient’s feeding tube had fallen out. In the Endoscopy department, the gastroenterologist introduces the endoscope through the gastrostomy tract (not through the mouth or esophagus, etc.) and replaces the gastrostomy tube for feeding. Answer: Code 43999, Unlisted procedure, stomach, should be reported since the endoscope was passed through the gastrostomy tract, and not the mouth, esophagus, or stomach, to the duodenum. Because the endoscope was passed through the gastrostomy tract, it...

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