AMA CPT® Assistant - 2011 Issue 5 (May)

Surgery: Female Genital System [Q & A] (May 2011)

May 2011 page 9b Surgery: Female Genital System Question: The patient has a complex pelvic prolapse including uterovaginal prolapse, enterocele, and rectocele. Multiple lacerations in the pubocervical fascia and rectovaginal fascia were found. After completing the vaginal hysterectomy for a uterus weighing 230 g, specific repairs were done in the posterior compartment (rectocele and enterocele) and a graft was used to augment each repair as the quality of the tissue was poor. A vaginal uterosacral colpopexy was performed as well. How would this be reported? Can code 57267 be reported twice? Answer: For the vaginal hysterectomy, code 58260, Vaginal...

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