AMA CPT® Assistant - 2008 Issue 12 (December)

Surgery: Female Genital System (December 2008)

December 2008 page 7b Surgery: Female Genital System, 49320 (Q&A) Question: What is the most appropriate CPT code for a laparoscopic chromotubation of the fallopian tube(s)? When a diagnostic laparoscopy is performed at the same time as chromotubation, would two codes be assigned code 49320, to identify the laparoscopy and code 58350 to identify the chromotubation? Would the unlisted laparoscopic code 58679 be assigned? Mary B. McHale, Rocky Hill, CT Answer: Yes. To clarify, the tubal perfusion is not performed through either a hysteroscope or laparoscope. This test is usually done in combination with a diagnostic laparoscopy. For...

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