AMA CPT® Assistant - 2010 Issue 9 (September)

Surgery: Integumentary System (Q&A) (September 2010)

September 2010 page 9e Surgery: Integumentary System Question: What is the appropriate CPT code to report for the following procedure? The patient is noted to have nucleated porokeratoses on the plantar aspect of the fifth metatarsal heads bilaterally. There is a hyperkeratotic rim noted around these lesions. The lesions were removed utilizing sharp debridement. Answer: It is appropriate to report CPT code 11056, Paring or cutting of benign hyperkeratotic lesion (eg, corn or callus); 2 to 4 lesions one time for the bilateral (2) lesions. Surgery: Integumentary System (Q&A) (September 2010). CPT® Assistant. 2010; September 2010 page 9e...

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