AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 5 (May)

Surgery Integumentary System, 15001 (Q&A) (May 1999)

May 1999 page 10a Coding Consultation Surgery Integumentary System 1, 15001 (Q&A) Question A patient suffered burns on the arms, trunk, and legs. The surface size of the area to be excised in the subsequent treatment of the burns involves 20 sq. cm. of the arm, 80 sq. cm. on the trunk, and 30 sq. cm. on the leg. The total area to be excised (130 sq. cm.) is more than 100 sq. cm. Can code 15001 be utilized, or is code 15001 applicable only to surface areas totaling 200 sq. cm. or other increments of 100...

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