AMA CPT® Assistant - 2005 Issue 8 (August)

Surgery: Musculoskeletal (August 2005)

August 2005 page 13a Coding Consultation:Questions and Answers Surgery/Musculoskeletal, 20240 (Q&A) Question If an incisional bone biopsy is performed, is it appropriate to report code 20240? AMA Comment Yes. In CPT 2004 code 20240 was revised to clarify that it may be reported to describe an excisional or an incisional biopsy. Additionally, the work involved in performing an incisional bone biopsy is the same as that involved in performing an excisional bone biopsy. Surgery: Musculoskeletal (August 2005). CPT® Assistant. 2005; August 2005 page 13a ...

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