AMA CPT® Assistant - 2007 Issue 3 (March)

Surgery: Musculoskeletal System (March 2007)

March 2007 page 9b Coding Communication:Surgery: Musculoskeletal System Question Tympanoplasties usually require cartilage and/or temporalis fascia harvesting and grafting. Are the harvesting procedures included in the tympanoplasty code or are they separately reportable to codes such as 20926 and 21235? AMA Comment CPT code 69631, Tympanoplasty without mastoidectomy (including canalplasty, atticotomy and/or middle ear surgery), initial or revision; without ossicular chain reconstruction, describes initial or revision tympanoplasty not requiring a mastoidectomy. The middle ear is accessed through an incision into the ear canal skin using either a post-auricular or transcanal approach. Typically, the eardrum is reflected forward and the...

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