AMA CPT® Assistant - 2012 Issue 12 (December)

Surgery: Musculoskeletal System (Q&A) (December 2012)

December 2012 page 12a Surgery: Musculoskeletal System Question: Is the application of a bone-filler product in a nonspine orthopaedic procedure, such as an open tibia fracture repair, considered inherent in the open fracture treatment? Answer: Yes. The placement of the bone filler is considered an inherent component of the open tibia fracture treatment and not additionally reported. Question: What is the correct coding for a posterolateral corner repair/reconstruction of the knee involving the repair of the fibular collateral ligament (lateral collateral ligament), popliteus muscle, the popliteofibular ligament, and occasionally part of the posterolateral capsule? Answer: Code 27405, Repair, primary...

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