AMA CPT® Assistant - 2007 Issue 8 (August)

Surgery: Nervous System (August 2007)

August 2007 page 15 Coding Communication:Surgery: Nervous System Question Is it appropriate to report an endoscopic third ventriculocisternostomy with code 62201 even if it is not performed stereotactically? AMA Comment Yes. Code 62201, Ventriculocisternostomy, third ventricle; stereotactic, neuroendoscopic method, was revised in 2003 with the intention of it being used for stereotactic method only, stereotactic and endoscopy together, or endoscopic method only. The descriptor of 62201 would allow for all three of these possibilities because it reads "stereotactic, neuroendoscopic method" - the comma in this case indicates that one or both methods are included. Surgery: Nervous System (August 2007)...

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