AMA CPT® Assistant - 2007 Issue 12 (December)

Surgery: Nervous System (December 2007)

December 2007 page 8 Coding Communication:Surgery: Nervous System Question: What is the appropriate code to report an injection of botulinum toxin into a unilateral lumbar paravertebral facet joint nerve? The April 2001 CPT Assistant states that chemodenervation with botulinum is different than destruction of nerves because the effect is largely reversible. Answer: Currently, there is no specific CPT code for injection of botulinum toxin into a paravertebral facet joint. Botulinum toxin acts on the neuromuscular junction and is typically injected into muscles for spasticity or dystonia. Therefore, botulinum toxin injected into the paravertebral facet joint should be reported using...

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