AMA CPT® Assistant - 2008 Issue 12 (December)

Surgery: Nervous System (December 2008)

December 2008 page 8a Surgery: Nervous System, 63650 (Q&A) Question: For CPT® 1999, the descriptors of the neurostimulator lead codes 63650 and 63655 were revised to change the terminology from "electrodes" to "electrode array" and "plate/paddle." Do the peripheral neurostimulator codes 64553-64581 represent implantation of single or multiple leads? For example, if two occipital nerve leads are percutaneously implanted, would code 64555 or 64555 plus 64555 51 be reported? Linda Holtzman, New Jersey Answer: For both the 63650-63660 and 64553-64581 series of codes, placement of any additional electrode catheter(s) or plate(s)/paddle(s) should be separately reported by appending...

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