AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 10 (October)

Surgery Nervous System Injection, Drainage, or Aspiration, 62292 (Q&A) (October 1999)

October 1999 page 10c Coding Consultation Injection, Drainage, or Aspiration, Nervous System, Surgery, 62292 (Q&A) Question Please Advice whether CPT code 62292 should be reported separately for each single level (eg, L1, L2, L3) or does it encompass single and/or multiple levels? AMA Comment CPT code 62292, Injection procedure for chemonucleolysis, including diskography, intervertebral disk, single or multiple levels, lumbar, is reported only one time regardless of the number of levels injected for chemo-nucleolysis. As the code descriptor states "single or multiple levels," it would not be appropriate to report code 62292 for each level (eg, L1...

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