AMA CPT® Assistant - 2010 Issue 4 (April)

Surgery: Respiratory System (Q&A) (April 2010)

April 2010 page 10d Surgery: Respiratory System (Q&A) Question: What is the correct CPT code to report the insertion of a pleuroperitoneal shunt? Answer: There is no specific CPT code to describe the insertion of a pleuroperitoneal shunt, therefore, either code 49999, Unlisted procedure, abdomen, peritoneum and omentum, or 32999, Unlisted procedure, lungs and pleura should be reported to describe the whole procedure. Usually, the procedure is performed during thoracoscopy and under general anesthesia. The shunt catheter, either an active version that requires frequent activation of a manual pump (Denver pleuroperitoneal shunt) or a passive version (LeVeen pleuroperitoneal...

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