AMA CPT® Assistant - 2013 Issue 6 (June)

Surgery: Respiratory System (Q&A) (June 2013)

June 2013 page 13b Surgery: Respiratory System Question: The patient had a maxillary antrostomy (31256) with endoscopic insertion of a stent to allow for drainage of the maxillary sinus and ongoing access to the sinus. What is the appropriate CPT code to report for the stent placement? Answer: There is no specific CPT code to describe endoscopic stent placement at the time of endoscopic sinus surgery. Therefore, code 31299, Unlisted procedure, accessory sinuses, should be reported irrespective of the type of stent inserted (ie, drug-eluting or non-drug eluting). Code 31299 may be reported in addition to the appropriate endoscopic...

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