AMA CPT® Assistant - 2009 Issue 5 (May)

Surgery/Urinary System (May 2009)

May 2009 page 8c Surgery: Urinary System, 52500, 52276 (Q&A) Question: May code 52500 be reported for surgical treatment of a bladder neck contracture if a #24 resectoscope with a "cold knife" was used? Answer: There are two options for this type of procedure depending on whether a resection or incision was performed. If the urologist uses a resectoscope and surgically resects tissue, then use CPT code 52500, Transurethral resection of bladder neck (separate procedure). If a knife is used to perform the incision in the bladder neck, use CPT code 52276, Cystourethroscopy with direct vision internal urethrotomy...

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