AMA CPT® Assistant - 2007 Issue 1 (January)

Surgery: Urinary System (January 2007)

January 2007 page 31b Coding Communication:Surgery: Urinary System Question Codes 51701-51705 all describe insertion of bladder catheters. What is the difference in reporting these codes? AMA Comment Code 51701 differs from codes 51702 and 51703 in that it describes the insertion of a nondwelling bladder catheter used for intermittent catheterization or catheterization to obtain postvoid residual, and then it is removed. Codes 51702 and 51703 describe the insertion of a temporary indwelling bladder catheter that remains in place for a period of time. Surgery: Urinary System (January 2007). CPT® Assistant. 2007; January 2007 page 31b ...

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