AMA CPT® Assistant - 2010 Issue 2 (February)

Surgery: Urinary System (Q&A) (February 2010)

February 2010 page 13b Surgery: Urinary System (Q&A) Question: The physician initially thought the kidney stone was too big to remove through a basket and attempted to break it with electrohydraulic lithotripsy (EHL), which was unsuccessful. Instead, cystoscopy with ureteroscopy was performed using a basket, which enabled the stone to be engaged in the basket, the stone was removed without difficulty. What is the appropriate code to report? Answer: CPT code 52352, Cystourethroscopy, with ureteroscopy and/or pyeloscopy; with removal or manipulation of calculus (ureteral catheterization is included), should be reported for this clinical scenario. Surgery: Urinary System (Q&...

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