AMA CPT® Assistant - 1999 Issue 10 (October)

Vaginectomy Procedure Codes (October 1999)

October 1999 page 4 Coding Communication Vaginectomy Procedure Codes Clinical Vignette A range of new vaginectomy codes has been added to CPT 1999 to more accurately clarify and delineate the extent involved with each procedure. In addition, CPT code 57110 was revised. There are two groups of vaginectomy codes. The first group of codes 57106-57109 covers partial vaginectomy (ie, removal of the upper or lower vaginal wall). The second group of codes 57110-57112 covers the complete removal of the vaginal wall. CPT code 57108 has been deleted and replaced with code 57106, Vaginectomy, partial removal of vaginal wall, which...

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