AMA CPT® Assistant - 2008 Issue 12 (December)

In Vivo (eg, Transcutaneous) Laboratory Procedures (December 2008)

December 2008 page 5 Coding Communication:In Vivo (eg, Transcutaneous) Laboratory Procedures For diagnostic laboratory testing, the Latin term "in vivo" refers to diagnostic laboratory testing as it is occurs in the living organism. CPT 2001 introduced a transcutaneous subheading and laboratory test procedure. Code 88400, Bilirubin, total, transcutaneous, was added to describe a noninvasive, transcutaneous procedure for the detection of hyperbilirubinemia using transcutaneous bilirubinometry. The CPT 2009 subheading now includes the term "in vivo" to delineate transcutaneous methods that provide point-of-care test results without drawing blood (ie, without removing the specimen from the person). Code 88400 was deleted and...

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