Procedure on genitourinary system   118674002


SNOMED code118674002
nameProcedure on genitourinary system
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Procedure on genitourinary system (procedure)
synonymsProcedure on genitourinary system
attributes - group1
Procedure siteUrogenital structure   21514008
  • Cryotherapy of genital warts   1813006
  • Dermabrasion of tattoo of external genitalia   443540002
  • Dilation of genitourinary system   363083009
  • Gender confirmation bottom surgery   836273008
  • Genitourinary instillation   76330002
  • Genitourinary system incision   363134007
  • Genitourinary therapy   309515003  removed: 2022-06-30
  • Intersex surgery   24878005
  • Nuclear medicine diagnostic procedure on genitourinary system   108299000  removed: 2007-01-31
  • Operative procedure on male genitourinary system   108021004
  • Piercing of genital structure   428898005
  • Procedure on female genital system   118675001
  • Procedure on male genital system   118676000
  • Procedure on urinary system   118677009
  • Removal of device from genitourinary system   128411005
  • Removal of entire genital organ   713541000
  • Removal of foreign body from genitourinary system   128395003
  • Repair of genital tract laceration   372455009
  • Reversal of sterilization   703147003
  • Sterilization procedure   703145006
  • Therapeutic aspiration of hydrocele   265606003
  • Urogenital system investigation   276343000
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by site   362958002
      Procedure on body system   118664000
        Procedure on genitourinary system   118674002

SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by site   362958002
      Procedure on body region   771329004
        Procedure on trunk   118694006
          Procedure on genitourinary system   118674002

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