Removal of tube   1230036005


SNOMED code1230036005
nameRemoval of tube
date introduced2022-05-31
fully specified name(s)Removal of tube (procedure)
synonymsRemoval of tube
attributes - group1
MethodRemoval - action   129303008
Direct deviceTube   83059008
parentsRemoval of device   128538000
  • Extubation of gastrointestinal tract   235435008
  • Extubation of trachea   309812005
  • Removal of cricothyroidotomy tube   232575006
  • Removal of cystostomy tube   75325006
  • Removal of grommet from tympanic membrane   275002001
  • Removal of liver tube   38884006
  • Removal of Shepard's tube from ear   87204004
  • Removal of silastic tubes from ear   3010001
  • Removal of silastic tubes from fallopian tube   18817004
  • Removal of T-tube from bile duct   51958000
  • Removal of tube cholecystostomy   75639003
  • Removal of tube from mediastinum   12636002
  • Removal of tube from nasolacrimal duct   172304003
  • Removal of tube from retroperitoneum   16137007
  • Removal of ureterostomy tube   61797004
  • Removal of ventilation tube from external auditory canal   232164003
  • Replacement of cerebral ventricular tube   243009
  • Replacement of percutaneous tube with imaging guidance using contrast   439240009
  • Replacement of rectal tube   16448009
  • Replacement of small intestine tube   49683008
  • Replacement of ureterostomy tube   177375008
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by method   128927009
      Removal   118292001
        Removal of device   128538000
          Removal of tube   1230036005

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