Undescended testicle   204878001


SNOMED code204878001
nameUndescended testicle
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Undescended testicle (disorder)
  • Cryptorchism
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Undescended testicle
  • UDT - Undescended testes
  • Undescended testis
  • Maldescent of testis
  • Imperfectly descended testis
  • IDT - Imperfectly descended testis
attributes - group1
Pathological processPathological developmental process   308490002
OccurrenceCongenital   255399007
Associated morphologyCongenital failure to migrate   39718000
Finding siteTestis structure   40689003
parentsCongenital malposition of testis   93358007
  • Caudal appendage deafness syndrome   726621009
  • Maldescent of testis, bilateral   253845005  removed: 2021-07-31
  • Palpable undescended testicle   438401000124104
  • Spigelian hernia with cryptorchidism syndrome   773623000
  • Undescended left testicle   1010568002
  • Undescended right testicle   1010569005
  • Undescended testicle NOS   268226005  removed: 2010-01-31
  • Undescended testis, unilateral   268227001  removed: 2021-01-31
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Finding of trunk structure   302292003
      Finding of abdominopelvic segment of trunk   822987005
        Urogenital finding   118238000
          Genital finding   300479008
            Congenital malformation of genital organs   204821009
              Gonadal dysgenesis   205681004
                Congenital anomaly of testis   55631001
                  Congenital malposition of testis   93358007
                    Undescended testicle   204878001

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