Operative procedure on middle ear   21355007


SNOMED code21355007
nameOperative procedure on middle ear
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Operative procedure on middle ear (procedure)
  • Operative procedure on middle ear
  • Operation on the middle ear
  • Middle ear operations
attributes - group1
Procedure siteMiddle ear structure   25342003
MethodSurgical action   129284003
  • Destructive procedure on middle ear   65290008
  • Excision of middle ear structure   68327001
  • Incision of middle ear   12481008
  • Intrapetrosal drainage   361184007  removed: 2021-09-30
  • Mastoid marginectomy   232174000
  • Myringotomy and ventilation tube operation   265309003  removed: 2005-07-31
  • Operation for middle ear lesion   232196006
  • Operation on eustachian tube   74946000
  • Operation on ossicular chain of middle ear   54193009
  • Other operations on middle ear   172702001  removed: 2010-01-31
  • Removal of implant of middle ear   32745000
  • Repair of middle ear   386556002
  • Replacement of grommet in tympanic membrane   311772003
  • Revision of mastoid antrum   61305000
  • Suction clearance of middle ear   172707007
  • Surgical procedure on middle and inner ear   447296009
  • Tenotomy of tensor tympani   61247004
  • Tympanic membrane operation   274015000
  • Tympanoplasty type II with graft against incus or malleus   2371008
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by site   362958002
      Procedure on organ   118717007
        Procedure on ear   118891001
          Procedure on middle ear   118893003
            Operative procedure on middle ear   21355007

SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by method   128927009
      Operative procedure on head   89901005
        Operation on the ear   68265005
          Operative procedure on middle ear   21355007

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