Operation on fracture   239278008


SNOMED code239278008
nameOperation on fracture
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Operation on fracture (procedure)
synonymsOperation on fracture
attributes - group1
Procedure morphologyFracture   72704001
Procedure siteBone structure   272673000
MethodSurgical action   129284003
parentsOperation on bone injury   33544007
  • Correction of spinal pseudoarthrosis   112722004
  • Decompression of fracture of spine   178674000
  • Elevation of bone fragments for fracture of orbit   82446004
  • Elevation of skull fracture fragments   70590006
  • Fixation of fracture   239279000
  • Fracture - compression union   288146004  removed: 2009-07-31
  • Open repair of zygomatic fracture   257904000
  • Operation for multiple fractures   288059009
  • Primary excision of intra-articular fragment of intra-articular fracture of bone   179041009
  • Reduction of fracture, simple   338679000  removed: 2004-07-31
  • Repair of fracture of cranium NEC   178386008  removed: 2010-01-31
  • Repair of fracture with sequestrectomy   29477005
  • Repair of malunion of humerus with iliac autograft   57069006
  • Repair of malunion of metatarsal bones   2474001
  • Repair of malunion of tarsal bones   79944004
  • Repair of malunion of tibia   445004
  • Repair of malunion, of femur, distal to head and neck   90312005
  • Repair of nonunion of carpal bone   439363002
  • Repair of nonunion of metatarsal bones   47105008
  • Repair of nonunion of tarsal bones   66326004
  • Repair of nonunion of tibia   44988003
  • Repair of vertebral fracture   64124008
  • Revision closed reduction and internal fixation of fracture   311428000
  • Revision closed reduction of spinal fracture   311489005
  • Revision fixation of fracture of vertebra with plate   301048006
  • Revision fixation of fracture using screws   301044008
  • Revision of closed reduction of fracture   450817003
  • Revision of closed reduction of fracture and skeletal traction   448817006
  • Surgical reduction of fracture   274051007
  • Treatment of complex fracture   118473000
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by site   362958002
      Procedure on organ   118717007
        Procedure on bone (organ)   129233004
          Operation on bone   57168000
            Operation on bone injury   33544007
              Operation on fracture   239278008

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