Traumatic division of ligament   263142009


SNOMED code263142009
nameTraumatic division of ligament
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Traumatic division of ligament (disorder)
synonymsTraumatic division of ligament
attributes - group1
Associated morphologyComplete or partial transverse disruption   699964009
Finding siteStructure of ligament   52082005
attributes - group2
Due toTraumatic event   773760007
  • Avulsion of cruciate ligament insertion   733294000
  • Avulsion of femoral attachment   264507006
  • Avulsion of tibial attachment   264506002
  • Complete division of patellar tendon   210695005
  • Open division, ligament other parts of back   209728008  removed: 2010-01-31
  • Open division, other ligament   209734001  removed: 2010-01-31
  • Partial division, patellar tendon   210697002
  • Traumatic division of finger ligament   263144005
  • Traumatic division of thumb ligament   263145006
  • Traumatic division of wrist ligament   263143004
  • Traumatic open division of ligament   373439009
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Disease   64572001
      Disorder of connective tissue   105969002
        Injury of connective tissue   385424001
          Ligament injury   263126002
            Traumatic division of ligament   263142009

SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Disease   64572001
      Traumatic or non-traumatic injury   417163006
        Traumatic injury   417746004
          Traumatic division of ligament   263142009

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