Finding relating to psychosocial functioning   284465006


SNOMED code284465006
nameFinding relating to psychosocial functioning
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Finding relating to psychosocial functioning (finding)
  • Observations relating to psychosocial functioning
  • Finding relating to psychosocial functioning
attributes - group1
InterpretsMental state, behavior / psychosocial function observable   363870007
parentsMental state, behavior and/or psychosocial function finding   384821006
  • Altered growth and development: social skills   57097000
  • Decreased level of relocation stress   1137674000
  • Finding related to ability to talk about problems   365998007
  • Finding relating to advocacy   225831004
  • Finding relating to autonomy and empowerment   225790006
  • Finding relating to displaying ethical principles   225842008
  • Finding relating to grieving and mourning   284531007
  • Finding relating to institutionalization   225799007
  • Finding relating to rules and boundaries   225855009
  • Finding relating to showing respect   225839002
  • Interaction with others - finding   365996006
  • Interpersonal relationship finding   225706007
  • Psychosocial dysfunction due to chronic pain   115491000119105
  • Psychosocial problems related to multiparity   288571000119100
  • Psychosocial problems related to unwanted pregnancy   151901000119101
  • Relocation stress syndrome   1137675004
  • Role relationship pattern   106024000
  • Role-related finding   118193001
  • Suspicious behavior   22927000
  • Use of day finding   225787000
  • Vulnerability to exploitation - finding   366002005
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Mental state, behavior and/or psychosocial function finding   384821006
      Finding relating to psychosocial functioning   284465006

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