Acquired diverticulum of esophagus   35563005


SNOMED code35563005
nameAcquired diverticulum of esophagus
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Acquired diverticulum of esophagus (disorder)
  • Acquired diverticulum of oesophagus
  • Acquired oesophageal diverticulum
  • Acquired esophageal diverticulum
  • Acquired diverticulum of esophagus
attributes - group1
Associated morphologySingle diverticulum   125284007
Finding siteEsophageal structure   32849002
OccurrencePeriod of life between birth and death   767023003
parentsEsophageal diverticulum   414133009
  • Acquired diverticulum of esophagus with complication   717951006
  • Acquired diverticulum of esophagus without complication   717841009
  • Acquired esophageal diverticulum NOS   196619000  removed: 2010-01-31
  • Acquired oesophagocoele   196618008  removed: 2004-07-31
  • Acquired pharyngoesophageal diverticulum   87622007  removed: 2003-07-31
  • Acquired pulsion diverticulum of esophagus   5144008
  • Acquired supradiaphragmatic diverticulum of esophagus   30126008
  • Acquired traction diverticulum of esophagus   75009007
  • Mid-esophageal diverticulum   235637006
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Viscus structure finding   406123005
      Finding of esophagus   300284004
        Disorder of esophagus   37657006
          Lesion of esophagus   300286002
            Esophageal diverticulum   414133009
              Acquired diverticulum of esophagus   35563005

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