Administration of antineoplastic agent   363688001


SNOMED code363688001
nameAdministration of antineoplastic agent
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Administration of antineoplastic agent (procedure)
synonymsAdministration of antineoplastic agent
attributes - group1
MethodAdministration - action   129445006
Direct substanceAntineoplastic agent   372688009
attributes - group2
Has intentTherapeutic   262202000
parentsChemotherapy   367336001
  • Chemotherapy administration into peritoneal cavity requiring paracentesis   29391003
  • Chemotherapy administration into pleural cavity requiring thoracentesis   70446004
  • Chemotherapy administration, subcutaneous, with local anesthesia   12149006
  • Consolidation antineoplastic chemotherapy   816151001
  • Infusion chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm   38216008
  • Intra-arterial infusion of antineoplastic agent   87776000
  • Intracavitary chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm   31652009
  • Intravenous chemotherapy   265760000
  • Local chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm   77738002
  • Parenteral chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm   4114003
  • Perfusion chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm   6872008
  • Postoperative administration of antineoplastic agent into peritoneal cavity   700496000
  • Radiomimetic chemotherapy   169396008
  • Subcutaneous chemotherapy   265762008
  • Topical chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm   24977001
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by intent   362961001
      Therapeutic procedure   277132007
        Drug therapy   416608005
          Chemotherapy   367336001
            Administration of antineoplastic agent   363688001

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