Respiratory tract procedure   387662008


SNOMED code387662008
nameRespiratory tract procedure
date introduced2003-01-31
fully specified name(s)Respiratory tract procedure (procedure)
synonymsRespiratory tract procedure
attributes - group1
Procedure siteRespiratory tract structure   321667001
parentsProcedure on respiratory system   118669005
  • Airway procedure   232663008
  • Clearance of secretions of respiratory tract   427391006
  • Continuous positive airway pressure ventilation treatment   47545007
  • Intermittent mandatory ventilation with synchronized-termination pressure-control and assured constant airway pressure adjunct   1186742007
  • Intermittent positive pressure breathing treatment   387727008
  • Intubation of respiratory tract   447996002
  • Operation on respiratory tract   387661001
  • Paracentesis of respiratory tract structure   363257007
  • Procedure on lower respiratory tract   118671005
  • Procedure on upper respiratory tract   118670006
  • Radiologic intervention on respiratory tract   444288007  removed: 2022-05-31
  • Respiratory tract evaluation   386043001
  • Respiratory tract rehabilitation procedure   108228000
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Procedure   71388002
    Procedure by site   362958002
      Procedure on body system   118664000
        Procedure on respiratory system   118669005
          Respiratory tract procedure   387662008

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