Disorder of pelvic girdle   700011003


SNOMED code700011003
nameDisorder of pelvic girdle
date introduced2014-01-31
fully specified name(s)Disorder of pelvic girdle (disorder)
synonymsDisorder of pelvic girdle
attributes - group1
Finding siteStructure of bone and/or joint of pelvic girdle   897012008
  • Benign neoplasm of pelvic bone   92283000
  • Bone island of left pelvis   15716721000119101  removed: 2019-01-31
  • Bone island of right pelvis   15716201000119102  removed: 2019-01-31
  • Congenital anomaly of ischium   93008005
  • Congenital anomaly of pubis   93021003
  • Congenital hip dysplasia   52781008
  • Congenital wide symphysis pubis   724617000
  • Derangement of symphysis pubis joint   133451000119109
  • Dislocation of symphysis pubis   263012009
  • Disorder of ilium   128048008
  • Enostosis of pelvis   113291000119107  removed: 2024-03-01
  • Inflammation of pubic symphysis   445473008
  • Injury of pelvic girdle   700009007
  • Instability of symphysis pubis   239998007
  • Intrapelvic protrusion of acetabulum   59606006
  • Ischiopubic synchondrosis of van Neck   79362003
  • Major abnormality of bony pelvis   40096002  removed: 2019-07-31
  • Neoplasm of ischium   126563005
  • Neoplasm of pubis   126564004
  • Obstetric trauma damaging pelvic joints and ligaments   267271004  removed: 2021-01-31
  • Obstructed labor due to generally contracted pelvis   199762005
  • Obstructed labor due to pelvic inlet contraction   199763000
  • Obstructed labor due to pelvic outlet and mid-cavity contraction   199764006
  • Pelvic joint/ligament damage   267348004
  • Symphysiolysis of symphysis pubis   41766008
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Disease   64572001
      Disorder of body wall   399986003
        Disorder of pelvic girdle   700011003

SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Clinical finding   404684003
    Finding of trunk structure   302292003
      Finding of abdominopelvic segment of trunk   822987005
        Finding of pelvic region of trunk   609625009
          Disorder of pelvic region of trunk   609619005
            Disorder of pelvis   609620004
              Disorder of pelvic girdle   700011003

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