Body system structure   91689009


SNOMED code91689009
nameBody system structure
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Body system structure (body structure)
  • Organ system
  • Body system structure
parentsAnatomical structure   91723000
  • Breast and endocrine structures   305072005
  • Cardiovascular structure   113257007
  • Digestive structure   86762007
  • Entire body system   278195005
  • Immune system structure   116003000
  • Integumentary system structure   48075008
  • Lung and mediastinal structures   310787001
  • Lymphatic system structure   89890002
  • Lymphoreticular structure   245255009
  • Musculoskeletal structure   26107004
  • Nervous system structure   25087005
  • Respiratory and intrathoracic structures   312419003
  • Structure of hematological system   414387006
  • Structure of nervous system organ AND/OR special sense organ   108347004  removed: 2007-01-31
  • Structure of skin and/or mucous membrane   707862002
  • Structure of skin and/or surface epithelium   400199006
  • Structure of special senses organ system   57645008
  • Structure of subdivision of organ system   714488006
  • Urogenital structure   21514008
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Body structure   123037004
    Anatomical or acquired body structure   442083009
      Anatomical structure   91723000
        Body system structure   91689009

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