ABC Code Set

D - Substance administration and laboratory

section notes

DE - Laboratory

section notes

DEE - Blood vitamin analysis

section notes
DEEAA   Vitamin A each test
DEEAB   Biotin each test
DEEAC   Niacin each test
DEEAD   Vitamin B-2 each test
DEEAE   Vitamin B-12 each test
DEEAF   Vitamin C each test
DEEAG   Free choline each test
DEEAH   Total choline each test
DEEAI   Carnitine each test
DEEAJ   Vitamin E each test
DEEAK   Folate serum each test
DEEAL   Vitamin B 6 each test
DEEAM   Vitamin B 1 each test
DEEAN   Vitamin D each test
DEEAO   Biopterin each test
DEEAP   Inositol each test
DEEAQ   Pantothenic acid each test
DEEZY   Undefined blood vitamin analysis narrative required
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