ABC Code Set

D - Substance administration and laboratory

section notes

DE - Laboratory

section notes
DEAAZDEAZZ   DEA - General blood analysis
DEBAADEBZZ   DEB - Mineral analysis
DECAADECZZ   DEC - Nutritional analysis
DEDADDEDZZ   DED - Metabolic analysis
DEEAADEEZY   DEE - Blood vitamin analysis
DEFAADEFZZ   DEF - Saliva analysis
DEGAADEGZZ   DEG - Stool analysis
DEIAJDEIZZ   DEI - Urinalysis
DEJADDEJZZ   DEJ - General laboratory tests
DELAADELZZ   DEL - Chemical screening
DEMABDEMZZ   DEM - Male-specific tests
DEOAADEOZZ   DEO - Female-specific tests
DEPAADEPZZ   DEP - Allergy tests
DEZAADEZZZ   DEZ - Specimen collection
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