ABC Code Set

D - Substance administration and laboratory

section notes

DE - Laboratory

section notes

DEG - Stool analysis

section notes
DEGAA   Comprehensive ovum parasite analysis initial test
DEGAB   Comprehensive ovum parasite test each additional test
DEGAD   Comprehensive digestive stool analysis without parasitology each test
DEGAE   Comprehensive parasitology profile with microbial yeast 1 sample each test
DEGAF   Comprehensive parasitology profile with microbial and yeast 2 samples each test
DEGAG   Comprehensive parasitology profile with microbial and yeast 3 samples each test
DEGAH   Comprehensive bacteriology each test
DEGAI   Candida culture each test
DEGAJ   Digestive function each test
DEGAK   Enzyme immunoassay each test
DEGAL   Fecal fatty acids short chain each test
DEGAM   Fecal fat 24 48 or 72 hours each test
DEGAN   Fecal secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) analysis each test
DEGAO   Giardia lamblia each test
DEGAP   Hemoccult® fecal occult blood test (FOBT) up to three specimens each test
DEGAQ   Microbiology analysis each test
DEGAR   Parasitology one sample each test
DEGAS   Parasitology two samples each test
DEGAT   Parasitology three samples each test
DEGAU   Urobilinogen quantitative analysis each test
DEGAV   Bilirubin test each test
DEGAW   Trypsin qualitative analysis each test
DEGAX   Trypsin quantitative analysis each test
DEGAY   Undigested carbohydrate analysis each test
DEGBA   Fecal pH analysis each test
DEGBC   Colitis toxins type A and B each test
DEGBD   Cryptosporidium antigen (CSA) each test
DEGBE   Total intestinal secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) each test
DEGBF   Intestinal alpha-1-antichymotrypsin each test
DEGBG   Intestinal lysozyme each test
DEGBH   Cryptosporidium antigen (CSA) test one parasite microscopy each test
DEGBI   Cryptosporidium antigen (CSA) test two parasite microscopy each test
DEGZZ   Undefined stool analysis narrative required
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