ABC Code Set

D - Substance administration and laboratory

section notes

DE - Laboratory

section notes

DEI - Urinalysis

section notes
DEIAJ Urinalysis with microscopy each test
DEIAK Urinalysis without microscopy each test
DEIBB Qualitative amino acid urinalysis 44 metabolites each test
DEIBC Quantitative amino acid urinalysis 44 metabolites each test
DEIBD Intestinal permeability test each test
DEIBE Comprehensive detoxification urinalysis each test
DEIBF Basic detoxification urinalysis each test
DEIBG Oxidative stress metabolic urinalysis each test
DEIBH Urinalysis 18 toxic elements random timed or 24-hour test each test
DEIBI Elemental urinalysis provocative 2-hour test each test
DEIZZ Undefined urinalysis narrative required
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