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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Administrative, Miscellaneous and Experimental

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Code(s) Description
A9150   Misc/exper non-prescript dru
A9152   Single vitamin nos
A9153   Multi-vitamin nos
A9155   Artificial saliva
A9180   Lice treatment, topical
A9270   Non-covered item or service
A9272   Disp wound suct, drsg/access
A9274   Ext amb insulin delivery sys
A9275   Disp home glucose monitor
A9276   Disposable sensor, cgm sys
A9277   External transmitter, cgm
A9278   External receiver, cgm sys
A9279   Monitoring feature/devicenoc
A9280   Alert device, noc
A9281   Reaching/grabbing device
A9282   Wig any type
A9283   Foot press off load supp dev
A9284   Non-electronic spirometer
A9300   Exercise equipment
A9500   Tc99m sestamibi
A9501   Technetium tc-99m teboroxime
A9502   Tc99m tetrofosmin
A9503   Tc99m medronate
A9504   Tc99m apcitide
A9505   Tl201 thallium
A9507   In111 capromab
A9508   I131 iodobenguate, dx
A9509   Iodine i-123 sod iodide mil
A9510   Tc99m disofenin
A9512   Tc99m pertechnetate
A9516   Iodine i-123 sod iodide mic
A9517   I131 iodide cap, rx
A9520   Tc99 tilmanocept diag 0.5mci
A9521   Tc99m exametazime
A9524   I131 serum albumin, dx
A9526   Nitrogen n-13 ammonia
A9527   Iodine i-125 sodium iodide
A9528   Iodine i-131 iodide cap, dx
A9529   I131 iodide sol, dx
A9530   I131 iodide sol, rx
A9531   I131 max 100uci
A9532   I125 serum albumin, dx
A9536   Tc99m depreotide
A9537   Tc99m mebrofenin
A9538   Tc99m pyrophosphate
A9539   Tc99m pentetate
A9540   Tc99m maa
A9541   Tc99m sulfur colloid
A9542   In111 ibritumomab, dx
A9543   Y90 ibritumomab, rx
A9546   Co57/58
A9547   In111 oxyquinoline
A9548   In111 pentetate
A9550   Tc99m gluceptate
A9551   Tc99m succimer
A9552   F18 fdg
A9553   Cr51 chromate
A9554   I125 iothalamate, dx
A9555   Rb82 rubidium
A9556   Ga67 gallium
A9557   Tc99m bicisate
A9558   Xe133 xenon 10mci
A9559   Co57 cyano
A9560   Tc99m labeled rbc
A9561   Tc99m oxidronate
A9562   Tc99m mertiatide
A9563   P32 na phosphate
A9564   P32 chromic phosphate
A9566   Tc99m fanolesomab
A9567   Technetium tc-99m aerosol
A9568   Technetium tc99m arcitumomab
A9569   Technetium tc-99m auto wbc
A9570   Indium in-111 auto wbc
A9571   Indium in-111 auto platelet
A9572   Indium in-111 pentetreotide
A9575   Inj gadoterate meglumi 0.1ml
A9576   Inj prohance multipack
A9577   Inj multihance
A9578   Inj multihance multipack
A9579   Gad-base mr contrast nos,1ml
A9580   Sodium fluoride f-18
A9581   Gadoxetate disodium inj
A9582   Iodine i-123 iobenguane
A9583   Gadofosveset trisodium inj
A9584   Iodine i-123 ioflupane
A9585   Gadobutrol injection
A9586   Florbetapir f18
A9600   Sr89 strontium
A9604   Sm 153 lexidronam
A9606   Radium ra223 dichloride ther
A9698   Non-rad contrast materialnoc
A9699   Radiopharm rx agent noc
A9700   Echocardiography contrast
A9900   Supply/accessory/service
A9901   Delivery/set up/dispensing
A9999   Dme supply or accessory, nos
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