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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Enteral And Parenteral Therapy

section notes

Enteral Formulae and Enteral Medical Supplies

section notes
B4034 Enter feed supkit syr by day
B4035 Enteral feed supp pump per d
B4036 Enteral feed sup kit grav by
B4081 Enteral ng tubing w/ stylet
B4082 Enteral ng tubing w/o stylet
B4083 Enteral stomach tube levine
B4087 Gastro/jejuno tube, std
B4088 Gastro/jejuno tube, low-pro
B4100 Food thickener oral
B4102 Ef adult fluids and electro
B4103 Ef ped fluid and electrolyte
B4104 Additive for enteral formula
B4105 Enzyme cartridge enteral nut
B4149 Ef blenderized foods
B4150 Ef complet w/intact nutrient
B4152 Ef calorie dense>/=1.5kcal
B4153 Ef hydrolyzed/amino acids
B4154 Ef spec metabolic noninherit
B4155 Ef incomplete/modular
B4157 Ef special metabolic inherit
B4158 Ef ped complete intact nut
B4159 Ef ped complete soy based
B4160 Ef ped caloric dense>/=0.7kc
B4161 Ef ped hydrolyzed/amino acid
B4162 Ef ped specmetabolic inherit
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